About Chickenmen

Just to prove frustration drives action just as much as fear drives power.

A page dedicated to revealing the patterns of control and inhumanity that rise in individuals and groups, where ignorance, denial, regression, fear, and reactivity give rise to violence, subjugation, bureaucratic nightmares, false legislation, or media manipulation. Whether psychological, sociological, or biological, these actions gives relief from anxieties and elevate identity, but they produces cultural disparities and often brutal results.

And no, this is not a debate page – but it is a place for highlighting behavior that lacks compassion and that arises from fear, conditioning, ignorance, delusion, and all the other lovely things we live by.  And also for providing positive solutions.

Yes, it says chicken ‘men’ – but that suggests the whole species, even though the gender questions seems to be particularly pertinent in some situations. And a word of apology to chickens: they are beautiful animals, and yes, we know some of them are smart and loving, but it’s a great title and seems to hit a chord of recognition.